Svenska klubben i Tallinn: Revalska slottsbalen

  • Datum: 2018-09-29
  • Plats: Kadriorgs slott, Tallinn
  • Tid: 18.00
  • Sluttid: 23.00 (därefter Tallinns bästa nattklubb Vabank till 05.00)
  • Anmä senast: 1 sep med fullständigt namn på alla deltagare
  • Kostnad: 100 EUR till 31 jul, därefter 140 EUR (entré till nattklubb ingår)

Svenska klubben i Tallinn inbjuder stolt ROSIS till den årliga Revalska slottsbalen i Tallinn

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

The Swedish Club in Reval kindly requests the pleasure of your company at Katherinenthal Schloss, Reval to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Estonian Republic on Saturday September 29, 2018 at 18:00.

We will serve champagne, a three-course dinner with matching red & white wines, coffee and avec. A full cash bar is available.

After dinner we will dance Viennese waltz to live music.

At 23:00 we will leave Katharinenthal Schloss and continue at Reval’s best night club, Vabank until 05.00.

Fee: Early birds 100 EUR (before July 30), from July 31 140 EUR. Fee includes entrance to night club.

Should you wish, you may join us already on Friday for a less formal dinner at restaurant Troika in townhall square in old town.

Questions and details:

Anders Hedman, +372-5046900, Gustaf Hertsius +372-5266367 or Facebook:  Revalska slottsbalen


Anders Hedman    Gustaf Hertsius    Joakim Helenius   Patrick Anderson    Staffan Söderholm

A reply is requested latest 1 September to:
Dress code: Strictly formal.   (White tie/tailcoat or Uniform)

ROSIS Point of Contact, Messofficer Peter Lissgärde, tel +46-73-7314111

pdf invitation:Revalska Slottsbalen 29 sep 2018